How to Replace KitchenAid Oven Door Hinges

Appliance Express
January 31, 2018
Oven Repair

If your KitchenAid range’s oven door won’t stay closed, then one of the hinges may be broken or bent. Order a replacement part #WP9782033 and follow these steps so heat will no longer be able to escape and the light will turn off.

  1. Unplug the range. 
  2. Remove the oven door. Partially open the door, and lift the door up to unlatch the hinges. Then pull it free and set the door on a walk working surface.
  3. Remove the bottom trim. Unscrew the four screws along the bottom. Then lift the outer glass door up and away, as well as the side panels. Unscrew the steam guard at the bottom. This should fully expose the bottom of the hinge mechanisms.
  4. Remove the oven door vent and handle. This parts can be unscrewed and need to be removed for fuller access to the hinges. Also unscrew and remove the vent spacers.
  5. Remove the hinge. Unscrew the bottom of the hinge, then carefully lift the bottom up and the whole hinge away from the door panel.
  6. Install the new hinge. Before you put it into place, remove the black temperature stripping from the old hinge and put it on the new hinge with adhesive. If the stripping is worn or it tears, order a new one for the new hinge. The side tabs should align when you put the new hinge into place.
  7. Reassemble the door. Begin by replacing the side parts and then screw the handle and vent back into place. Then secure the steam deflector, replace the side trims and glass, and then reattach the bottom the bottom assembly so the whole door is held together.
  8. Put the door back into place. The hinges will need to slide horizontally into place, and then push the corners into place one side at a time in the bottom.

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