8 Clear Signs Your Oven is in Need of Repair

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Home ownership comes with many benefits; it also comes with many appliances that will eventually need to be repaired or replaced over time. One of the most basic home appliance is, of course, the oven, a necessary fixture in the home that allows you and your family to enjoy warm, hearty meals. But when the oven goes, so do those … Read More

How to Replace Your Kenmore Range’s Hinge Receivers

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Whenever you open and close your oven’s door, there are a lot of moving parts at work. Over time, the hinges can start to get damaged. If your oven door is getting harder and harder to open, or it won’t open and close at all, the parts could be bent or broken. Troubleshoot the hinges until you know which part … Read More

Whirlpool Recalls Jenn-Air Wall Ovens

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While being in the midst of summer means that fewer homeowners will be baking, it is still important to be aware of current oven recalls so that you will have a safe and functioning oven when you need it next. The fact is that the holidays are right around the corner, and you will likely be doing a lot of … Read More

Kenmore Recalls Ranges Due to Shock Hazard

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In a recent post, we discussed a recall from May of 2015 involving Kenmore Elite ranges distributed by Electrolux and sold at Sears. Unfortunately, this was not the only range recall to plague Kenmore that year. Earlier in 2015, Electrolux also recalled about 3,000 electric ranges sold under the Kenmore brand as they posed a shock hazard. Here is a … Read More

How to Replace the Bake Element in Your GE Oven

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You depend on your GE oven to help prepare the delicious homemade meals your family craves after a long day spent at work and school. Unfortunately, when your oven refuses to heat, your nightly dinner plans are put on the back burner while you try to troubleshoot and diagnose your appliance’s malfunction. If this scenario sounds familiar, don’t worry, we … Read More

How to Replace the Support Roller on a KitchenAid Range’s Bottom Drawer

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The bottom drawer in a range is used for a lot of storage, and that weight and frequent use can wear out the support rollers over time. Quickly replace them in just a few minutes by ordering part #814229 for KitchenAid ranges and following these steps: Unplug the range. While this repair doesn’t involve any electrical repairs or adjustments, it’s always … Read More

How to Replace KitchenAid Oven Door Hinges

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If your KitchenAid range’s oven door won’t stay closed, then one of the hinges may be broken or bent. Order a replacement part #WP9782033 and follow these steps so heat will no longer be able to escape and the light will turn off. Unplug the range.  Remove the oven door. Partially open the door, and lift the door up to unlatch … Read More

How to Replace the Spark Electrode for an LG Gas Range Burner

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Anything from starchy water to a misaligned electrode can stop a gas burner from heating up or receiving sufficient spark. If you’re called in to look at a malfunctioning burner, one of the first things to check is the electrode itself. Replace it on an LG gas range by ordering a replacement part #EAD60700502 and following these steps: Unplug the … Read More

How to Replace an Orifice Holder on an LG Gas Range

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Gas ranges can more comparatively more dangerous than electrical ovens when in disrepair, so having a checklist of common parts to check for damage when you’re servicing an appliance is a great way to help your customers. Orifice holders can get damaged or are sometimes missing entirely, and it’s a part you can check over with just a quick glance. … Read More

How to Replace the Oven Sensor on Your LG Gas Range Oven

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Some common oven problems are hard to diagnose. Unless it’s a clearcut matter of something not powering on or operating properly, it can be difficult to troubleshoot precisely how an oven is malfunctioning. However, one of the most common underlying causes for a gas range oven that isn’t heating properly or evenly is a broken oven sensor. Order the part … Read More