GE Oven Door Locked After Self Clean

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GE is one of the largest companies in the world. One of their core businesses is to manufacture high-quality home appliances, such as ovens. Many models of GE ovens include a self-cleaning function that, as the name suggests, automatically cleans a consumer’s oven without them having to do any work. However, sometimes after the cleaning cycle is completed, the oven … Read More

What is Causing Your Oven to Make Noise?

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When any appliance makes noise, it is a worrying occurrence. However, not all oven noises mean there is necessarily a problem. For example, if you hear hissing in your gas oven or even a mild boom, it is just the gas releasing and eventually igniting. It is a completely normal noise, but when appliance owners notice it for the first … Read More

Replacing Your Oven Heating Elements

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Your oven relies on a few essential pieces. The chamber keeps the heat in. The timer makes sure you don’t burn a recipe. But the most important part of your oven is –of course– the heating elements. There are two heating elements in most ovens, one on top and one on bottom. The top is the broiling element, used to … Read More

9 Signs Your Oven Needs to be Replaced

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We all put up with different little quirks in our home appliances. Your fridge door might need an extra push to make it seal. Your washer might make a little extra noise. We can even adapt to ovens that don’t quite cook right. When an issue becomes too much to handle, we call for repairs. However, at some point, there … Read More

How to Replace a Damaged Door Hinge Receptacle in Your Frigidaire Oven

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When it comes to maintaining the proper temperature in your Frigidaire oven model FGGF3059TF, the appliance door plays a major role. The airtight seal created by the door ensures the heat in your oven doesn’t escape. Unfortunately, a door that isn’t closing all the way can lead to temperature discrepancies due to heat loss.  Heat rising out of an improperly sealed … Read More

Repairing the Fan in Your Convection Oven

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Convection ovens are a great addition to any kitchen. Even if you’re not a pro at special convection recipes, just switching on that fan causes your food to cook more evenly, which is great no matter what you’re cooking. For those who’ve come to rely on their convection oven to make recipes come outright, it can be a little disruptive … Read More

How to Replace a Hidden Bake Element in Your Oven

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In most ovens, the elements are both exposed and visible. Both the top and bottom elements can clearly be seen if you peer into the oven. You can see them glow and judge how well they’re working based on the glow. But not all ovens are built like this. With some ovens, the bake element is hidden. The heat still … Read More

Solving Igniter Problems in Your Gas Oven

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If you own a gas oven, then, for the most part, you own a pretty reliable appliance. However, a gas oven is not immortal. Over time, every appliance suffers from wear with regular use, and parts will go out. However, one of the most worrisome parts to go faulty is the igniter in your oven. Not only will a faulty … Read More