What To Check When Your Microwave Turns On By Itself

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Microwaves are a staple kitchen tool, and generally, even cheap microwaves last a very long time without any problems that require extensive repair. However, one of the more odd and even unexpected problems that a microwave can manifest is just starting up by itself, empty and without provocation.No, it’s probably not because of ghosts. There are a few parts in … Read More

Five Reasons Your Dishwasher Stopped Mid-Cycle

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Have you noticed that your dishwasher has stopped way sooner than it was supposed to be? Unfortunately, it probably wasn’t because it finished ahead of schedule, but rather because it stopped right in the middle of a cycle. This can leave your dishes dirty or still covered in detergent residue. Whether you try to start the cycle again and get … Read More

How to Replace Your Refrigerator French Door Handles

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Refrigerators are sturdy appliances that can last for decades with only a few minor repairs. But one of the most breakable aspects of a refrigerator is the handles. Your refrigerator handles see a great deal of use, every time you open or close the fridge. So it should come as no surprise when one eventually cracks or comes permanently loose … Read More

How to Fix a Dryer That is Not Shutting Off

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When it comes to dryer problems, you might expect to manifest some problem in which your dryer won’t start. You are prepared to troubleshoot that and all the many issues that can cause it. However, something you probably do not expect is a dryer that won’t stop its cycle at all. It just keeps on tumbling and producing heat indefinitely. … Read More

What is Causing a Washing Machine Leak?

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As with any appliance, a washing machine that is leaking is nothing but bad news. Not only can a leak damage the parts of a washing machine, but it will damage the flooring underneath over time as well. Leaks are something you never want to leave to linger, so here is what to start investigating first to make sure it … Read More

How to Replace Your Microwave Door

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Microwave doors get a lot of use. Depending on your household, that microwave might be opened and shut a dozen times a week, or a dozen times a day. So it should come as no surprise if something goes so critically wrong with the microwave door that it needs to be replaced. Maybe the hinges broke off, maybe the handle … Read More

Dishwasher Problems Caused by Hard Water and How to Fix Them

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Living with hard water can is something that millions of people deal with every day. Many geographical regions and cities in the US alone feature hard water running through the taps, and it’s something homeowners have to handle on their own. You know you’re dealing with hard water when you see ‘water spots’ on everything from the drinking glasses to … Read More

What to Do With Old Refrigerator Water Filters

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If your refrigerator comes with a water dispensing function, then it also comes with a water filter. You will find that water from your refrigerator as opposed to straight from the tap tastes better, has less odor, and will almost never have any particles in it. This is all thanks to that handy hidden filter in your refrigerator. Unfortunately, a … Read More

Solving Igniter Problems in Your Gas Oven

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If you own a gas oven, then, for the most part, you own a pretty reliable appliance. However, a gas oven is not immortal. Over time, every appliance suffers from wear with regular use, and parts will go out. However, one of the most worrisome parts to go faulty is the igniter in your oven. Not only will a faulty … Read More