Why Your Dryer Smells Like Burning & How to Fix It

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Dryers create a lot of heat. They have their own heating element inside. The heat is necessary to help evaporate water out of clothes, but too much heat is definitely a bad thing. As humans, we have a way of identifying when something has become dangerously hot: our sense of smell. A scorchy burning smell coming from your dryer is … Read More

What is Causing Your Oven to Make Noise?

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When any appliance makes noise, it is a worrying occurrence. However, not all oven noises mean there is necessarily a problem. For example, if you hear hissing in your gas oven or even a mild boom, it is just the gas releasing and eventually igniting. It is a completely normal noise, but when appliance owners notice it for the first … Read More

What to Do if Your Washer is Leaking from the Back

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Washing machines, by nature, move a lot of water. Water goes in, is thrown with great force around the tub, and then rushes out through the drain. It speaks to the great accomplishments of modern appliance engineering that they don’t leak all the time, but it’s no surprise when the occasional puddle of water winds up on the floor. You can … Read More

How to Replace Your Dishwasher Heating Element

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Your dishwasher is a remarkably self-contained machine. Not only does it wash, rinse, and dry your dishes; it also has an internal heating system. The dishwasher heating element can heat water or create heat to dry dishes. The heating element is an essential part of having clean dishes with a basic kitchen setup. The heating element ensures your dishwashing water … Read More

Why Is Your Washer Leaving Marks On Your Clothing?

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A washing machine has one primary job — to take marks off your clothing. However, when all your favorite pieces of clothing are coming out of the appliance with new mystery stains, that is a pretty big deal. At first, you might think that there was a marker or some other item that got left in the wash, but if … Read More

Replacing Your Oven Heating Elements

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Your oven relies on a few essential pieces. The chamber keeps the heat in. The timer makes sure you don’t burn a recipe. But the most important part of your oven is –of course– the heating elements. There are two heating elements in most ovens, one on top and one on bottom. The top is the broiling element, used to … Read More

Why Are Your Dishwasher Racks Sticking Open or Closed?

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Dishwasher racks are an essential part of the dishwashing assembly. If you had to load all your dishes on stationary racks that sat inside the washer frame, it would be nearly impossible to get an efficient and well-spaced stack for each wash. That is why the tracks roll out so you can load and unload the dishwasher more easily. However, … Read More