How to Replace Your Whirlpool Refrigerator’s Water Filter for Clean Water EDR4RXD1

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Replacing a refrigerator’s water filter is a common step in refrigerator maintenance. Many older models have the filters behind or below the refrigerator and are connected directly to the water line. But newer models often keep the cartridge inside the refrigerator for easier replacement. Order Whirlpool OEM Part #EDR4RXD1 and follow these steps: Open the fresh food door and locate … Read More

How to Clean a Front Load Washer

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Front loading washing machines have many great features.  They use less water and detergent than top loading machines and they can handle the big laundry loads typically found in large households.  As with any other appliance, front-loading washers have at least one less than desirable quality, with the main one being their tendency over time to emit a mildew-like or … Read More

How to Replace Your Samsung Refrigerator’s Compressor Overload DA34-10003S

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If a refrigerator is no longer cooling, there can be several different parts at fault. Check common malfunctions for the make and model of the appliance, including the compressor. If the compressor overload is the malfunctioning part, which is a common malfunction that stops the compressor from running, order the replacement part #DA34-10003S for a Samsung model and follow these … Read More

Your Dryer Vent – Clean it Regularly

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Regularly maintaining appliances is a proven way to help them last longer and it also helps the appliance owner save money from more efficient use as well.  In the case of a clothes dryer, regularly cleaning the dryer vent system is also a safety issue.  In this post, we will outline how investing a small amount of time in dryer … Read More

People love us on Yelp 2017

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We’re proud to announce our recent award from  Thanks to everyone who participated and congrats to our entire staff for excelling at making our customers happy. Let’s do it again in 2018!

How to Replace the Support Roller on a KitchenAid Range’s Bottom Drawer

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The bottom drawer in a range is used for a lot of storage, and that weight and frequent use can wear out the support rollers over time. Quickly replace them in just a few minutes by ordering part #814229 for KitchenAid ranges and following these steps: Unplug the range. While this repair doesn’t involve any electrical repairs or adjustments, it’s always … Read More

How to Replace KitchenAid Oven Door Hinges

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If your KitchenAid range’s oven door won’t stay closed, then one of the hinges may be broken or bent. Order a replacement part #WP9782033 and follow these steps so heat will no longer be able to escape and the light will turn off. Unplug the range.  Remove the oven door. Partially open the door, and lift the door up to unlatch … Read More

Differences Between Top and Front Loading Washing Machines

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For many families, especially those with young children, laundry tasks are a daily occurrence.  Given that a washing machine often plays a vital role in these types of households, it is worth spending some time to consider the different aspects of various washing machines, in order to decide which design will work the best for your specific needs.  Even for … Read More

How to Replace the Spark Electrode for an LG Gas Range Burner

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Anything from starchy water to a misaligned electrode can stop a gas burner from heating up or receiving sufficient spark. If you’re called in to look at a malfunctioning burner, one of the first things to check is the electrode itself. Replace it on an LG gas range by ordering a replacement part #EAD60700502 and following these steps: Unplug the … Read More