How to Replace a Damaged Door Hinge Receptacle in Your Frigidaire Oven

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July 6, 2020
Oven Repair

When it comes to maintaining the proper temperature in your Frigidaire oven model FGGF3059TF, the appliance door plays a major role. The airtight seal created by the door ensures the heat in your oven doesn’t escape. Unfortunately, a door that isn’t closing all the way can lead to temperature discrepancies due to heat loss. 

Heat rising out of an improperly sealed door can also cause the burner knobs above the oven to become extremely hot, meaning you can accidentally burn your hand. If you’ve inspected your oven door and found it hangs unevenly or doesn’t fully shut, take a look at the gasket and hinges. A worn or damaged gasket can cause heat seepage, and a broken hinge can cause the door to close incorrectly. However, if neither of these parts are behind the problem, a faulty door hinge receptacle is the next likely culprit. Luckily, switching out the damaged hinge receptacle for a new intact one is an easy fix.

Oven Repair Safety Tips

  • Always start your oven repair by unplugging your appliance and turning off its gas supply.
  • During your oven repair you will encounter sharp edges, meaning to complete the job safely, work gloves and safety goggles are a must.
  • If you become overwhelmed while repairing your oven and you no longer feel as though you can finish safely, please stop what you are doing and contact an Oven repair technician.

Required Tools

  • Phillips Screwdriver
  • Nut Driver
  • A piece of string or wire

How to Remove a Faulty Hinge Receptacle From Your Frigidaire Oven

In order to gain access to the hinge receptacle, you’ll need to remove the oven door and the stovetop. Start disassembling the stovetop by removing all three grates and taking off their burner caps. Next, you’ll need to remove the burner bases. The center base is not secured by a screw, meaning you can simply lift it up and off the appliance. The other four-burner bases are held down by screws, so you’ll need to use a nut driver, to unthread the mounting screws that secure the burner bases to the stovetop. Once all the screws are removed, take the bases off your range. Now that the burner bases are uninstalled, you can take out the screws that secure the orifice holders to the top of the stove.

Next, using a piece of string, carefully pry off the oven control knobs. Then, open the oven door, and unthread the screws securing the valve control panel to the range. Once the screws are out, remove the control board from the front of the appliance. Now unthread the screws that hold the stove top to your appliance. Finally, pull forward the range’s main top, and then lift it up and off your stove.

With the oven door still open, use a screwdriver to flip the door hinge locks towards you. Then, close the door halfway and lift it up and off your range.

Remove the bottom screw that secures the hinge receptacle to your range. Next, reach into your range through the top of your stove and hold the receptacle as you unthread the last screw holding it in place. Once the screw is out, pull the hinge receptacle out of your appliance.

How to Install a New Hinge Receptacle in Your Frigidaire Oven

Grab the new hinge receptacle and align it with the screw holes in the oven frame. Continue holding the component in place while inserting its top screw. Then, let go of the hinge receptacle and rethread the part’s bottom screw.

How to Reassemble Your Frigidaire Range

Carefully pick up the oven door and insert the hinges into the hinge receptacles. Next, lower the door and flip the hinge locks forward to secure the oven door to the range. Now close the oven door to finish reinstalling it.

Reattach the stove top by sliding the panel onto the range. Make sure the rear edges of the panel are inserted underneath the retaining tabs on appliance’s frame. Once the stove top is secure, check to ensure the orifice holders and the igniters are poking through the holes on the panel. Next, Open the oven door and rethread the screws that secure the stove top to the appliance.

With the oven door still open, reinstall the valve control panel by inserting the bracket tabs, located on the range, into the slots found on the panel. Then, rethread the screws that secure the valve control panel to the appliance. Next, slide the burner knobs back on their proper control valves.

Now it’s time to put the stove top back together. Start by replacing the screws that secure the orifice holders to the stove. After all the mounting screws are in place, reinstall the burner bases. The front and back burners require screws to hold them down. The center burner base, however, does not, meaning you can simply set it on top of the center orifice. Next, place the burner caps on all five of the burner bases, and then, finish up by putting down all three burner grates.

To complete your hinge receptacle repair, plug in your rang and turn the appliance’s gas supply back on.

Before you put away your tools, we suggest using an oven thermometer to test the temperature inside your appliance. Doing so will ensure your oven door repair has fixed the temperature disparity your appliance was exhibiting earlier. If the thermometer matches or is in close proximity to the temperature you set, then your repair has fixed your issue. On the other hand, if there is a substantial difference between the set temperature and the reading you get on the thermometer, a separate malfunction may be adding to your oven’s heating issue. For instance, a faulty igniter, a burned-out heating element, or a defective thermal fuse can all lead to your oven not heating properly or at all.

If replacing the hinge receptacle in your Frigidaire oven hasn’t completely solved your appliance’s heating issue, please contact us today, and we can help you diagnose and repair the malfunctioning component.


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