Water Leaking from Dryer? Here’s What to Do

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February 1, 2023
Dryer Repair

Do you have water leaking from your dryer? Then this is the guide for you. If your dryer is leaking water, it’s usually the result of condensation occurring, which is commonly the result of a faulty ventilation exhaust. Thankfully, you can, most of the time, identify the cause and fix it yourself.

Finding the cause of the leak is important, as the leaking water can damage components and the electronics within your dryer. Failure to do so can result in your dryer becoming damaged beyond repair.

In this guide, we will discuss all the main potential causes and advise on how to fix them.

Blocked Ventilation System

The main cause of a leaking dryer is a blocked ventilation system. When your dryer operates, it distributes hot air around the dryer drum to dry your laundry. That hot air needs to exit your dryer through the ventilation system. When it cannot properly exit the dryer, it turns into condensation, which can then cause leaks to occur. The best way to solve this problem is to clean your ventilation system.

Follow these instructions to clean the ventilation system:

  1. Turn the power off to your dryer.
  2. Turn the gas off to your dryer (if applicable).
  3. Clean out the lint trap. Only wash in hot soapy water if absolutely necessary. Make sure it’s clean and dry before putting it back into your dryer.
  4. Pull your dryer out from the wall and locate the vent.
  5. Disconnect the vent duct from both ends (this may require removing the clamp first).
  6. Use a vacuum cleaner to remove the lint built up in the vent duct and connection points.
  7. Use a damp cloth to finish cleaning away any loose lint and other debris from the vent duct and connection points.
  8. Once clean, reconnect the vent duct to the connection points. Secure it in place with the clamps you removed earlier.
  9. Turn the power and gas back on.
  10. Turn your dryer onto a cycle. Check if the leaks are still occurring. If not, your dryer is fixed. If it’s still leaking, move on to the next possible fix in our guide.

Check the Vent Connection Points

Your vent system has numerous connection points. If any of those connection points become loose or damaged, condensation may occur, resulting in a leak. To rule this out as the cause of the problem, check each connection point. If any of them are damaged, repair or replace them. If they are all fine, you can skip to the next possible fix. Once you repair or replace the connection points, you will need to check if the problem has been solved. If not, move on to the next possible fix.

Consider Insulating Your Vent Duct

Another potential reason your dryer is leaking water is if condensation is building up inside the exhaust duct. This only really applies to places with cold climates, so if that doesn’t apply to you, skip to the next possible cause. 

If you live in an area with cold winters, insulating your exhaust duct is a good idea. This will prevent condensation or ice from forming in your dryer exhaust by making it much warmer. You can either do it yourself or get a specialist insulation installer to do it for you. 

If you want to do it yourself, you will need to purchase the right insulation and then wrap your exhaust vent with it. Once complete, you will need to turn your dryer on and check if the leaks have stopped. If not, move on to the next possible fix.

Holes in the Vent Duct

Make sure you check your complete ventilation system for any holes or cracks. If any part of the system is defective, water will leak out due to condensation in the vent. If you find any holes or cracks, you will need to repair or replace the defective part of the vent system. 

If you don’t find any holes or cracks, skip to the next possible fix. Once you repair or replace your vent system, turn your dryer on and check if the leaks have stopped. If not, move on to the next possible fix.

The Vent Flap Might Be Defective

In most dryer vent systems, there is a vent flap. The purpose of the flap is to prevent outside elements like rain, snow, and wind from getting into your vent system. If it fails, condensation can develop in your vent system, resulting in a leak.

Here’s how to check the vent flap:

  1. Find the vent exit point outside of your home.
  2. Locate the vent flap.
  3. Check if the vent can open and close properly.
  4. If defective, the vent will need to be replaced.
  5. If you replace the vent, turn your dryer on once it’s installed and check if the leak has stopped.
  6. If the dryer is still leaking, you will have to get a technician to come and inspect your vent system to see if they can find the source of the leak.

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