Dryer Not Turning On? How to Fix It

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If the dryer will not start, there are several parts that should be examined and tested to diagnose and fix the issue. The most common causes are a blown thermal fuse, a defective door switch, and a defective start switch. By following the instructions below, you should be able to diagnose the issue and get the dryer working again. Before … Read More

How Long Do Dryers Last?

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The average dryer can last anywhere from 10 to 25 years, depending on when you first purchased it and how well you have maintained it. The best way to make it last its longest is to use it correctly and get regular maintenance. It will keep your dryer functioning properly, and it will also give you the best results when … Read More

Dryer Shuts Off After a Few Minutes

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Is your dryer shutting off after only a few minutes during a cycle? Then this is the guide for you. Simply check out each possible cause so you can find which one is responsible for your dryer not working as it should. Once you find the cause, you can then follow our step-by-step instructions for how to fix the problem. … Read More

What to Do if Your Dryer is Too Hot

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The dryer is one of the hottest appliances in your home. But most of that heat is shielded and contained inside the dryer drum. This is ideal except when the heat is too much. Because dryers create heat, they can also fail in dangerous ways relating to heat. You may have noticed that your dryer is extremely hot to the … Read More

Why Your Dryer Smells Like Burning & How to Fix It

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Dryers create a lot of heat. They have their own heating element inside. The heat is necessary to help evaporate water out of clothes, but too much heat is definitely a bad thing. As humans, we have a way of identifying when something has become dangerously hot: our sense of smell. A scorchy burning smell coming from your dryer is … Read More

How to Switch the Direction of Your Dryer Door

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The direction of your dryer door is something that most people never think about. Unless, of course, you think about it all the time. When your dryer opens the “wrong” direction, it affects you every single time you do laundry. Normally, this direction is determined by how the washer and dryer sit next to each other. Ideally, washer and dryer … Read More

How to Replace the Thermal Fuse of Your Dryer

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What Your Dryer Thermal Fuse Does Your dryer’s thermal fuse is a small safety feature that ensures that the inside of your dryer doesn’t get too hot. It actually measures the heat of the air leaving your dryer out the exhaust vent. If the air in the exhaust vent gets too hot, the fuse blows to prevent your dryer from … Read More

How to Replace the Dryer Door Switch

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Appliances can be surprisingly complex. Even something as simple as a dryer has a dozen different pieces that can stop your dryer in its tracks if they break. There are a number of temperature sensors and fuses that the dryer relies on to start safely. But it all starts with the door switch. Unlike the latch, which is purely mechanical, … Read More

How to Replace Your Dryer Timer

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There are a few different types of dryer controls depending on the make, model, and year your dryer was produced. While many modern devices have buttons that determine the dryer’ s cycle and settings, older models tend to have a twist-knob timer. Dryers last a long time so many homes still have their older model dryers and sometimes the timers wear … Read More

How to Fix a Dryer That is Not Shutting Off

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When it comes to dryer problems, you might expect to manifest some problem in which your dryer won’t start. You are prepared to troubleshoot that and all the many issues that can cause it. However, something you probably do not expect is a dryer that won’t stop its cycle at all. It just keeps on tumbling and producing heat indefinitely. … Read More