Whirlpool Top Load HE Washer: Get a Better Clean with Less Detergent and Proper Loading

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November 29, 2017
Washer Repair

A Top loading high-efficiency washing machine can use up to half as much water as their traditional counterparts. It may be difficult to find a regular machine that still uses a lot of water. Most washing machines on the sales floor today are high-efficiency.

You may have chosen a Whirlpool laundry pair because of their reputation for quality, or because Whirlpool is one of the few brands still made in the USA. No matter what brand you have, you may have noticed that high-efficiency washers can take some time to adjust to.


Use the Right Detergent

When you purchase your high-efficiency top load washer, the first thing you should do is check the label on your detergent. It should have an HE logo somewhere on the front. HE detergent is lower concentration when it comes to suds. If you use more detergent than you need, your clothes will not feel clean. Regular detergent can damage an HE machine.

Recommendations From Professionals

The directions on your laundry detergent you will detail how much detergent you should be using. An experienced technician, or knowledgeable sales associate, will advise you to use half the recommended amount. Your professionals may also give you washing instructions, so you get the best results from your HE washer.

Load detergent properly

  • If your machine has a dispenser, use it according to manufacturer directions, but still, use half as much detergent. If your model does not have a dispenser, the soap should go in the washer before the clothes, never on top of them.


Correct Water Level

  • Be sure you are using the right Your HE machine relies on sensors. The water level is determined by the soil level you select and the weight of your load. If your machine has an add water setting, this can reduce detergent residue in larger or bulky loads.


Correct Loading Process

  • Your machine should be loaded one article at a time. Add garments in a circular pattern, leaving the impeller or agitator area open. Your clothes should not be dumped in your machine in a pile, as they will not be able to move freely for washing or rinsing.


Correct Temperature

  • Follow your clothing manufacturer’s instructions for water temperatures. If you prefer to wash most items in cold water, it is recommended to use a detergent specifically for cold temperatures. Since it is formulated to dissolve at a low temperature, it will rinse efficiently.


You can use HE detergent in a traditional washer. You will not get the suds you may be used to, but your clothes will still be clean. If you use regular detergent on an HE machine, you could damage your machine and may void your warranty.


Whether you have a traditional machine or a high-efficiency unit, your washer may require service to run smoothly. Having your washing machine checked regularly can catch small issues before they become significant problems. If you are in the San Antonio or Austin area contact Appliance Express to care for your large appliances.


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