Replace a Leaking Door Boot Seal on your LG Front-Loading Washing Machine

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November 21, 2017
Washer Repair

If your washing machine is leaking water, it could mean the door is no longer properly sealed. Replace the door boot seal, part #MDS47123604 for an LG front-loading machine, by following this procedure. While the door seal is not a complicated part, you will need to remove the front panel, and that will add quite a few steps to the process.  Other areas that can cause a leaking washer is the drain pump or the fill/drain hoses.

First, you want to push the previous seal out of the way:

  1. Unplug your washer. If it connects directly to your house’s power(it should not be in the United States), flip the circuit breaker to the washer.
  2. Remove the clamp that runs along the perimeter of the door boot seal. Use a flathead screwdriver to make removing it easier.
  3. Pull the boot seal free by hand by peeling it away from the lip, and then push it towards the tub out of the way.
  4. Disconnect the wire connector from the door latch by pushing the tab.

Then, you will need to access the inner parts of the machine. This will involve removing the top panel as well as the control panel and front panel.

  1. Open the pump cover at the bottom left corner of the machine, then unclip the drainage tube and remove the housing. Then unscrew the lower front panel mounting screw. Also remove the screws from the top rear of the machine and remove the top panel entirely.
  2. Remove the top left dispenser drawer so you can access the control panel mounting screws. Then remove the mounting screws at the front and the rear. Carefully move the control panel to lay it on top of the machine without disconnecting the wires. This will give you access to the front panel’s mounting screws; remove the screws and the front panel entirely.

Now you can fully detach the old door boot seal and add the new part.

  1. Pull up the clamps holding the steam and circulation tubes at the top of the seal, as well as the drain line at the bottom of the seal.
  2. Remove a second boot clamp that is now accessible, and then peel the entire boot seal free.
  3. Before you add the new seal, transfer the three ports from the old seal to the new one.
  4. Put the grooved edge of the seal into the tub and then work the seal into position around the lip of the tub.
  5. Put the boot clamp into position, then reconnect the three lines to the ports and put the clamps back into position.
  6. Screw the front panel, the control panel, and then the top panel back into position, adding the dispenser drawer and pump filter housing along the way.
  7. Reconnect the door latch wiring.
  8. Align the boot seal along the outer lip of the panel. Then put the first clamp tightly along the perimeter of the seal with the spring at the bottom.

The majority of the work for this replacement is in taking off the panels. Make sure you keep track of the screws and each part you disconnect, and go to Appliance Express for the right procedure for each washing machine model you encounter.


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