How to Fix Whirlpool Cabrio Washer Error F

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October 4, 2021
Washer Repair

Whirlpool Cabrio washers will display a variety of error codes whenever there is a problem with the washer. The error code will usually begin with either an F (Fault) or an E (Error), with a number next to the letter that indicates the faulty component or reason for the error code. If you only receive an F error code with no numbers, it indicates that there is a problem with the main control board. An F error code usually means the washer will not work at all, and the control board will need to be replaced. Variations of the F error code are discussed at the end of this guide.

This guide applies to most Whirlpool Cabrio models, including the following:
















What Causes the F Error Code?

An F error code is usually triggered by either a voltage drop in the home network, a severe voltage surge, or a short circuit. Some models may communicate this issue by displaying an F1 error code.

Reset the Control Board

A short-term fix for an F error code can be to reset the control board by disconnecting the power to the washer for 5 minutes. However, this solution to the issue will likely only work if the error code is caused by a random glitch. If disconnecting the power resolves the error code but the error code returns, it is important to identify and fix the problem, as leaving it longer will likely result in a more serious issue occurring.

Replace the Control Board

The washer’s control board controls all the various functions and components of the washer. If there is a control board fault, you can replace the part yourself, but Whirlpool recommends contacting a trained technician to perform the repair. Replacing the control board is not too difficult; however, diagnosing and fixing the control board is a complicated process, best left to a professional. However, the control board can be visually checked for signs of burning or a broken wire.

If you have determined the control board needs to be replaced, and you want to do it yourself, follow these steps:

  1. Disconnect the power to the washer.
  2. Disconnect the water hoses and move the washer to a suitable location.
  3. At the rear of the washer, locate three screws on the bottom of the control panel, and remove them.
  4. Tilt the control panel up and push it forward.
  5. Take a picture of the control module wires to remember their location for when you install the new control panel.
  6. Remove the control board wires from their retaining clips (do not disconnect them from the control board yet).
  7. Remove the control board mounting screws.
  8. Place the new control board near the old control board.
  9. Depress the tabs to unplug the wire connectors from the old control board, and transfer them over to the new control board.
  10. Transfer the water level pressure hose from the old control board to the new one.
  11. Remove the old control board, and position the new one.
  12. Thread the mounting screws to secure the new control board to the washer.
  13. Secure the wires under the retaining clips (check the picture for their orientation).
  14. Reposition the control panel and rethread the three screws.
  15. Return the washer to its location, and reconnect the water hoses.
  16. Reconnect the power to the washer.

With the new control board installed, the F error code should now be resolved.

F/dL Error Code

An F/dL error code indicates a problem with the door lock. The error code will pop up when the door fails to lock. The washer will display the error code after six attempts to lock the door. To fix the issue, the door lock assembly needs to be inspected for loose or broken wires and other signs of damage. The door lock can also be tested with a multimeter for continuity (a continuous electrical path). In most cases, you will need to replace the door lock assembly.

F/dU Error Code

An F/dU error code indicates that there is a “door unlock error.” This error code will display when the washer has tried six times to unlock the door but cannot. Similar to a door lock error, the door lock assembly will need to be checked for damage, tested with a multimeter, and replaced if necessary.

Other F Error Codes

F1 error code: A fault with the main control board or a program fault. The control board likely needs to be replaced.

F2: A keypad or user control interface failure. The control panel, keypad, or main control board will likely need to be replaced.

F40: The ATC thermistor is open or shorted. The part will likely need to be replaced.

F41: The motor rotor position sensor thermistor is open or shorted. The part will likely need to be replaced.

F42: The heater/thermistor is open or shorted. The part will likely need to be replaced.

F50: The motor rotor position sensor senses no rotation. To fix the issue, you will need to determine why the motor rotor is not rotating.

F51: The motor rotor position sensor is faulty. The part will likely need to be replaced.

F52: The motor rotor position sensor (RPS) senses rotation after the stop command. Troubleshoot the motor, RPS, and control board to fix the issue.

F53: The washer detects a high temperature for the motor module. Check the tub can spin freely and remove any obstructions.

F54: The washer detects a high current for the motor module. Disconnect the power for five minutes. If not resolved, check the control board for signs of burning or a short circuit.

F72: The washer cannot tell if the tub is reengaged after being disengaged. If the tub is floating, pump water out of the washer. If the tub cannot turn freely, determine the cause of the friction.


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