How to Replace Your Samsung Refrigerator’s Compressor Overload DA34-10003S

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February 28, 2018
Refrigerator Repair

If a refrigerator is no longer cooling, there can be several different parts at fault. Check common malfunctions for the make and model of the appliance, including the compressor. If the compressor overload is the malfunctioning part, which is a common malfunction that stops the compressor from running, order the replacement part #DA34-10003S for a Samsung model and follow these steps:

  1. Unplug the refrigerator. Because you are directly accessing and replacing electrical components, this step is incredibly vital for both your safety and the life of the appliance.
  2. Remove the rear access panel. Unscrew the four corners and then pull it free of the bottom latch.
  3. Remove the cover box to the compressor’s inner workings. This box is surrounded by copper tubing, so move carefully around it without jostling the assembly.
  4. Remove the start relay and compressor overload from the terminals. These two parts are located near the front of the uncovered box. Begin by removing the start relay from the terminals so you have plenty of space to remove the overload without moving the copper.
  5. Pry the wire connector from the overload and reconnect it to the new compressor overload. You can work the wire connector free with a flathead screwdriver. Take note of its orientation before you remove it and then snap the connector into the new overload.
  6. Attach it and the start relay to the terminals. Now that you’re reassembling the refrigerator, work backward. First, plug the overload and then the start relay to the terminals.
  7. Recover the box. Carefully put the box cover back into position and align the tabs with the holes. Then click the cover back into place.
  8. Replace the rear access panel, and plug the refrigerator back in. 

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