How to Replace Your Whirlpool Refrigerator’s Water Filter for Clean Water EDR4RXD1

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March 14, 2018
Refrigerator Repair

Replacing a refrigerator’s water filter is a common step in refrigerator maintenance. Many older models have the filters behind or below the refrigerator and are connected directly to the water line. But newer models often keep the cartridge inside the refrigerator for easier replacement. Order Whirlpool OEM Part #EDR4RXD1 and follow these steps:

  1. Open the fresh food door and locate the water filter cover. Once you open the right-hand door, this will be located on the right rear of the ceiling next to the central light. You might also want to remove any food stored on the top shelf, as water could spill during the part replacement. However, the amount of water will not be significant and you do not have to turn off the water connection itself.
  2. Remove the cover. Press the front tab to release the cover and then tilt the plastic cover down to expose the filter.
  3. Remove the old water filter. Rotate the cartridge counterclockwise approximately a half turn until you feel it loosen from the filter housing, then remove it from the refrigerator. Some water will leak out, so wipe it up and place the old filter on the refrigerator shelf until it stops dripping.
  4. Install the new filter. One end of the cylinder will have a deep circular depression, usually colored blue. Press that end into the filter housing and rotate it clockwise until it locks into place. Do not overtighten the filter.
  5. Close the filter cover by clicking it back into position.

Many water filters aren’t replaced until they’ve entered the red ‘warning’ stage. Run at least one gallon of water through the refrigerator, though many models recommend five gallons, so you flush out any loosened contaminants and flush the new filter. There should be no chemical aftertaste.

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