How to Replace Your Microwave Door

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September 9, 2019
Microwave Repair

Microwave doors get a lot of use. Depending on your household, that microwave might be opened and shut a dozen times a week, or a dozen times a day. So it should come as no surprise if something goes so critically wrong with the microwave door that it needs to be replaced. Maybe the hinges broke off, maybe the handle snapped in half, or maybe a little roughhousing put a crack in the glass or plastic so the microwave just isn’t safe or functional anymore.

That’s okay! You don’t have to get an all-new microwave if you’re prepared to do a little DIY handiwork. Replacing the microwave door requires some effort and precision, but it’s not actually a difficult or dangerous repair.

Let’s dive right in by collecting the supplies you will need.  

Repair Supplies

In order to perform this repair, you will need only three things. A putty knife or flat-head screwdriver to do some prying, a screwdriver in case of mounting screws, and of course, the new microwave door. Be sure to research your exact make and model of microwave to be certain you have the correct replacement door ready to install. This repair is easier to do with a friend, but it is not necessary.

  • New Microwave Door
  • Putty Knife (strong) or Flathead Screwdriver
  • Screwdriver
  • A Friend (optional)

Prepare Your Microwave

The first step is to get your microwave ready to repair. If it is mounted, you will need to take the extra step to remove your microwave from it’s mounted position. 

– Unplug

Like any appliance repair, you will want to start by unplugging your microwave. This is for your own safety. While there are no electronic parts in replacing the microwave door, it’s best not to take any chances.

– Unmount if Mounted

If your microwave is mounted, you will need to bring it down. To do this, start by prying open the front cover panel so you can access the mounting screws. Carefully remove the screws and ease the microwave to counter-level.

– Set on Work Surface

Take your microwave and set it on a safe work surface. This can be your counter, kitchen table, or anywhere you feel most comfortable working with tools, standing or sitting. 

Take Off the Door

Now the microwave is ready to be worked on. Removing the door is delicate work, but something anyone with a careful hand can do.

– Open the Microwave

Start by opening the microwave door as wide as it will go. You will need to access the inner panel and then the hinges.

– Carefully Pry Open the Door Cover Clips

Carefully slide your putty knife or flathead screwdriver into the seam inside the microwave door. This seam should go all the way around and connects the door’s inner panel to the main door structure. That panel also hides the hinge mounting screws.

Use your putty knife to feel around the edge and, one by one, release the mounting clips hidden inside. Be very careful, as these clips are made of thin plastic and can break. Of course, you’re about to toss this door, so don’t sweat it if one or two does snap.

– Pull the Door Cover Away

Once the clips are released, use the putty knife or screwdriver to pry the door panel away from the rest of the door. Place this to the side.

– Pull the Mounting Pins

Now you will be able to see the hinges of the microwave. Keeping the door wide open, take a look at the mounting pins. Brace the door in place or have a friend hold it in position while you pry the mounting pins out of position. This should release the microwave door and is much easier to do when the door is kept level while you work.

– Pull the Door Away from the Hinges

Finally, you can pull the broken microwave door away from the unit. You can throw away the door and inner cover or keep them for your own purposes. 

Install the New Microwave Door

Once the old microwave door is removed, you’re ready to install the fresh new unbroken microwave door.

– Completely Unpackage the New Door

Start by removing all of the packagings from the new microwave door. Be thorough and pull away all wads of paper or plastic that may be tucked in the crevices, hinges or underneath the plastic door latches.

– Align the New Door Hinges

Lift the new microwave door into place and align it with the appliance’s hinges. It should fit perfectly into a place where the old door was removed.

– Place the Mounting Pins

Have a friend hold the microwave door steady while you reattach the mounting pins. You may be able to accomplish the same ease by propping up the door or by deftly managing the door with one hand and mounting pins in the other. But it’s easier with a friend.

– Press the Inner Panel Into Place

Once the new door is hung firmly on the hinges, you can press it’s inner door panel into place to cover the hinge pins once more. 

Return and Test Your Microwave

Now that your shiny new microwave door is fully installed, it’s time to run some tests and declare your victory.

– Open and Close the Door

Open and close the door a few times. Make sure it fits securely, latches, and pulls open with the same ease as your previous door. Or better, considering that it’s cleaner and not broken.

– Plug-In and Run the Microwave

Now make sure the microwave recognizes it’s new door and functions properly. Plug the microwave in, return the glass plate, and see if it will run.

– Pat Yourself on the Back

If the light comes and the plate spins, you have just succeeded at one of the more complex non-electrical home appliance repairs. Pack yourself on the back and pack up your tools. 

—-Repairing your own microwave is a pretty exciting experience, but not all repairs are as easy to do, and not everyone has the time or skill to do their own repairs. If something is wrong with your microwave and you don’t have the time or handiness to do repairs at home, contact us today! Our technicians will be happy to get your microwave back into ship-shape.


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