Microwave repair – Turntable Not Rotating

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July 19, 2017
Appliance Repair

Do you have a Microwave where the turntable is not rotating? You have just located your help. Using the GE Spacemaker Model JVM1540DMWW as an example, we will guide you through its repair.

Before you embark on the repair, unplug the microwave from the wall outlet. Using an outlet tester, confirm that the wall outlet is supplying the proper voltage. To do the repair, you will require a No. 2 screwdriver.

Open the door of the microwave and remove the turntable plate, wheel and the coupler.  Unscrew the perimeter screws supporting the bottom cover to remove it. Carefully lower the back cover/panel. You will get access to the turntable motor, which is responsible for turning the table. Start your diagnosis from here by checking whether it is the microwave’s control board or the turntable motor that is faulty.

First, check whether the turntable motor is receiving the proper voltage from the control board. To do this, connect a volt meter across the two terminals of the motor and switch on the microwave(WARNING:  WIRES WILL BE LIVE AND DANGEROUS.  DO NOT ATTEMPT WITHOUT PROPER TRAINING). If the meter reads a value around 120VAC, the control board is okay.  Keep in mind that some turntable motors will use other voltages besides 120VAC.  Be sure to check and to adjust your meter accordingly.

In such a case, the motor is faulty. To confirm this, you will have to connect 120VAC(in this example) directly to the motor. So, turn the power to the microwave off, remove the turntable motor and hook up the 120VAC to the motor terminals. The motor will not rotate confirming that it is faulty.  This cannot be done if the voltage is different than 120VAC.  Only your meter can be used in those circumstances.

For an instance when the meter reading is below the allowable value, you will have to seek our support since the control board requires a trained technician to diagnose and repair.  At least you now know if your turntable is the issue.


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