How to Repair a Kenmore Dryer that Overheats

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If your dryer seems like it’s heating at one temperature and that temperature has been charring your clothes, there is a high probability that the heating element has shorted out and needs to be replaced. It might seem odd that the cause of an overheated dryer would be a malfunctioning heating element. This particular dryer repair could entail a thermostat, a … Read More

How to Replace a Whirlpool Dryer’s Igniter 279311

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If your dryer isn’t heating up, the igniter could be at fault. These parts are very fragile and break easily. Order a replacement igniter (part #279311 for Whirlpool dryers) and follow these steps to replace it. How to Access the Igniter 1. Unplug the dryer and turn off the circuit breaker. This is a necessary first step before any repair or part … Read More

How to Replace Your Whirlpool Refrigerator’s Water Filter for Clean Water EDR4RXD1

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Replacing a refrigerator’s water filter is a common step in refrigerator maintenance. Many older models have the filters behind or below the refrigerator and are connected directly to the water line. But newer models often keep the cartridge inside the refrigerator for easier replacement. Order Whirlpool OEM Part #EDR4RXD1 and follow these steps: Open the fresh food door and locate … Read More

How to Replace the Support Roller on a KitchenAid Range’s Bottom Drawer

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The bottom drawer in a range is used for a lot of storage, and that weight and frequent use can wear out the support rollers over time. Quickly replace them in just a few minutes by ordering part #814229 for KitchenAid ranges and following these steps: Unplug the range. While this repair doesn’t involve any electrical repairs or adjustments, it’s always … Read More