When Should You Repair or Replace Your Microwave?

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In some households, the microwave is the primary clock and source of quick food. In others, the microwave is the purview of only one or two family members. No matter how the microwave fits into your weekly recipes, it’s still a problem when the microwave stops working. It may be be a sticky latch, a light that’s gone out, a … Read More

Where is My Refrigerator Water Filter?

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Any refrigerator that makes ice and/or dispenses cold drinking water has a water filter. This is a necessary part of the fridge that ensures the ice or water that enters your glass is clean and safe to drink. The water filter is meant to protect your family from any local, pipe, or water-line contamination. However, water filters don’t last forever. … Read More

Repairing the Fan in Your Convection Oven

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Convection ovens are a great addition to any kitchen. Even if you’re not a pro at special convection recipes, just switching on that fan causes your food to cook more evenly, which is great no matter what you’re cooking. For those who’ve come to rely on their convection oven to make recipes come outright, it can be a little disruptive … Read More

Why is Your Refrigerator Making That Noise?

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Appliances are an important part of daily life. They make chores easier, cook food and prevent food from spoiling. Appliances wash our dishes and keep our clothes fresh. But when an appliance starts making a racket, all that convenience can really grate on your nerves. Especially for the one appliance that runs 100% of the time: your fridge. Most refrigerators … Read More

How to Replace the Ice and Water Dispenser Solenoid in Your GE Refrigerator

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Your GE side-by-side refrigerator model GHS25JSTSS is conveniently equipped with an ice and water dispenser. The water flowing to the dispensers is controlled by a solenoid, meaning the solenoid transmits a message to the refrigerator’s water inlet valve, telling the part when it’s time to open. Over time, the coils in a solenoid can become worn or damaged, which can cause the … Read More

How to Replace the Thermal Fuse of Your Dryer

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What Your Dryer Thermal Fuse Does Your dryer’s thermal fuse is a small safety feature that ensures that the inside of your dryer doesn’t get too hot. It actually measures the heat of the air leaving your dryer out the exhaust vent. If the air in the exhaust vent gets too hot, the fuse blows to prevent your dryer from … Read More

How to Replace the Water Filter in an Electrolux Refrigerator

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Electrolux is a great brand of refrigerator, specializing in luxury appliances that fit well into your home routine. Whether you have recently bought a new Electrolux refrigerator or inherited one with the house, there are many benefits to the model designs. One of the standard luxuries with an Electrolux is an ice and cold water dispenser. In a 3-door refrigerator … Read More

The 10 Most Common Microwave Repair Problems

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In many households, the microwave is the single most used appliance in the kitchen. You can microwave pasta, soup, and whole dinner plates. You can make tea or instantly prep a hot breakfast. So when your microwave breaks down, it’s only natural to try your hand at repairs. For such small, affordable metal boxes, microwaves are surprisingly complex. There are … Read More