How to Replace Your Maytag Refrigerator’s Defrost Heater When Your Evaporator Keeps Icing Over

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If the fresh food section of your Maytag refrigerator is warm, the defrost heater may have failed. That may sound counterintuitive, but if the defrost heater stops working, the evaporator will freeze and the ice will stop the refrigerator from cooling down. Order a new defrost heater (part #WP67002493 for most Maytag models), and follow these steps: 1. Empty the … Read More

How to Replace Your Frigidaire Refrigerator’s Power Control Board When the Dispenser Doesn’t Work

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The control board inside your freezer section door handles all of the functions for your ice and water dispenser. This includes turning the ice and water on and off, stopping the water inlet valve, switching the ice settings, and controlling the lights. If one or more of your dispenser settings don’t work, you can install a new control board on … Read More

How to Replace Your Maytag Dishwasher’s Insulation

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Dishwashers are wrapped in insulation to minimize heat loss and to reduce sound. But over time, that insulation can get damaged or develop rot. Replace the insulation around your Maytag dishwasher by order replacement part #WPW10223013. Then follow these steps to remove your old insulation and install the new layer. 1. Unplug the dishwasher and turn off the water. During … Read More

How to Replace Your Samsung Refrigerator’s Ice Dispenser Solenoid

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If your Samsung refrigerator should be making both crushed and cubed ice but is locked onto one option, check the solenoid. This part controls whether the machine dispenses cubed or crushed ice based on which button is pressed. You can replace your Samsung refrigerator’s ice dispenser solenoid yourself by following these steps. Order part #DA74-40151G and then: 1. Unplug the refrigerator. You … Read More

Troubleshooting and Repairing a GE Dryer That Doesn’t Produce Heat

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Discovering your electric GE dryer model DBXR453EAWW is no longer producing heat is beyond frustrating, and while a non-heating dryer can indicate a new appliance is needed, more often than not, it simply means a faulty component needs replacing. Although there are a handful of parts that can stop your dryer from heating, two of the most common are a defective … Read More

How to Replace a Broken Boot Seal Clamp in Your LG Washing Machine

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Water leaking from your LG washer model WM2701HV is never a good sign. Unfortunately, puddles around your washing machine can be caused by a number of possible malfunctions. While a faulty drain pump or a damaged hose are likely culprits, one often overlooked possibility is a broken inner boot seal clamp. If the clamp has loosened or completely snapped apart, a … Read More

How to Replace Your GE Washer’s Dispenser Seal

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Front-loading washers are more susceptible to leaks than their top-loading counterparts. If you have a leak at the front of your machine, there’s a lot of different parts that could be at fault. Once you know the leak isn’t coming from a drain seal, check the dispenser seal. This rubber ring sits between the dispenser fitting and the dispenser tube … Read More