How to Replace a Broken Boot Seal Clamp in Your LG Washing Machine

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Water leaking from your LG washer model WM2701HV is never a good sign. Unfortunately, puddles around your washing machine can be caused by a number of possible malfunctions. While a faulty drain pump or a damaged hose are likely culprits, one often overlooked possibility is a broken inner boot seal clamp. If the clamp has loosened or completely snapped apart, a … Read More

How to Replace Your GE Washer’s Dispenser Seal

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Front-loading washers are more susceptible to leaks than their top-loading counterparts. If you have a leak at the front of your machine, there’s a lot of different parts that could be at fault. Once you know the leak isn’t coming from a drain seal, check the dispenser seal. This rubber ring sits between the dispenser fitting and the dispenser tube … Read More

Important Information about the Samsung Top-Loading Washing Machine Recall

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Washing machines handle some of the dirtiest work around the house, so it can be disconcerting to see a recall notice issued because the lid is flying off. If you own a Samsung top-loading washing machine, or are just interested in more information on this newsworthy-recall, keep reading to find out what is going on. When the recall was announced … Read More

5 Common Washing Machine Problems And Ways to Fix Them

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A washing machine that isn’t working properly can become more than just a mild inconvenience, particularly if you live in a large household and have lots of laundry to do. If you’ve noticed problems with your washer or it has stopped working entirely, don’t delay in getting help from a professional repair man. It’s best to nip the issue in … Read More

9 Qualities of an Expert Appliance Repair Technician

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When hiring someone you don’t know to come into your home and perform appliance repair tasks on something you own (whether it’s a dishwasher, refrigerator, dryer, washer, or something else), it makes sense that you would only want the best of the best. But how can you be sure that you have found the very best repair technician? In this … Read More