End of 2019 Appliance Recalls to Be Aware Of

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Not every product is made perfect. Even with factory production and modern engineering, sometimes appliances come off the production line with a flaw. There are ovens that flex in the heat, there are batteries that overload and catch fire. Sometimes, these production imperfections are harmless or just mildly annoying. But products are downright dangerous are produced and sold with surprising … Read More

How to Replace a Hidden Bake Element in Your Oven

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In most ovens, the elements are both exposed and visible. Both the top and bottom elements can clearly be seen if you peer into the oven. You can see them glow and judge how well they’re working based on the glow. But not all ovens are built like this. With some ovens, the bake element is hidden. The heat still … Read More

3 Washing Machine Problems That Are Easy to DIY Repair

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There’s no doubt about it; having a misbehaving washing machine is simply the worst. You need that washer to perform reliably so you can have clean clothes and towels on-demand. Most likely, your washing machine is an important part of your routine. Many professionals start the wash before work and keep it moving as each person comes home from school … Read More

How to Repair a Microwave that Is Not Turning

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The turntable in your microwave is not just to show off your food as it cooks; it has a very important function. If the turntable does not spin, your food is not cooked unevenly. You may have experienced this in the past with a plate, takeout box, or piece of pizza that was just too large for your microwave and … Read More

How to Replace Your Dryer Timer

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There are a few different types of dryer controls depending on the make, model, and year your dryer was produced. While many modern devices have buttons that determine the dryer’ s cycle and settings, older models tend to have a twist-knob timer. Dryers last a long time so many homes still have their older model dryers and sometimes the timers wear … Read More

4 Appliance Recalls from 2019 Products You Should Know About

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Every business making consumer products must go through rigorous testing and meet exacting standards of safety and performance. Some products work better than others, but every brand tries to meet these standards of safety to the best of their factory ability. But sometimes, something goes wrong in the design or production that creates a flaw, and that flaw is only … Read More

Eight Possible Causes of a Leaking Washing Machine

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There are few things more upsetting than coming in to check on the laundry to find a spreading puddle over your laundry room floor. Washing machines are not supposed to allow water to leave their self-contained system which means something is seriously wrong. And usually, it’s not just that someone used the wrong soap and the washer has comically sudsed … Read More

How to Replace the Water Filter on Your Samsung Family Hub Smart Refrigerator

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If you have a Samsung Family Hub refrigerator than your home food cooling is absolutely top of the line. Not only do you have a great four-door fridge and freezer, but you also have a smart fridge with an interactive tablet eager to become an everyday part of your kitchen lifestyle. Whether this has revolutionized your cooking experiences or simply … Read More