Appliance Repair Webberville Texas

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Near Webberville, TX 78621
Job Details: 12/04/2020
OVEN GE JT965B0F7BB Arrived onsite for burning smell coming from oven microwave combo unit. The unit breaker was shut off on arrival. Removed panels and inspected for faulty wiring or burn marks. Could not find any. Restored power unit ant tested. Tested microwave and unit was functioning properly. Tested oven and oven was functioning properly. No indication of burning or burn smell coming from either. Could not duplicate issue. Advised customer to use caution when in use and monitor. Job complete
Near Webberville, TX 78621
Joseph C.
Job Details: 06/04/2018
KDTE104ESS3 Arrived on site for “not dissolving detergent” complaint. Inspected unit and found sump/motor faulty. Removed and replaced sump/motor. Tested unit. Unit is performing as designed. No leaks detected, at time of service.
Webberville, Texas
Joe is an excellent technician, he provided great service! He went above and beyond what he needed to do, he was courteous, professional and pleasant to be around.
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