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Model WTW5000DW3
Near Lacy Lakeview, TX 76705
Job Details: 03/19/2021
Arrived on site for a washing machine that is not spinning out clothes. Inspected unit and work area. Placed Sienna in Service diagnostics and found an F0 E5 (off balance load) and F8 E1 (no fill/siphoning condition) error codes. Ran the unit through an auto test and the unit ran as designed. Placed the unit in a high-speed spin and found the unit slightly unlevel. Raise the feet on the unit and had the customer placed a load inside the washer to run and saturate to do a drain and spin cycle. The unit did the drain and spin cycle fully without going off balance and completely wrong out all the clothes. I advise the customer that the issue was probably with the load that they ran. Went over user care guide in the unit is working as designed. Call complete.
Near Lacy Lakeview, TX 76705
Arthur B.
Job Details: 07/03/2019
DISHWASHER WHIRLPOOL WDF520PADM7 "Arrived onsite for customer complaint of dishwasher not turning on and draining. Found breaker was tripped. Flipped breaker on and tested unit. Upon inspection, found spray arms clogged with food. Cleaned both upper and lower sparyarms. Reassembled and tested. Unit now fills,washes,drain and heats as intended. No other issues found. All water connections were dry at time of service."
Near Lacy Lakeview, TX 76705
Job Details: 03/10/2019
MICROWAVE WHIRLPOOL WMH32519FS0 Arrived to inspect microwave not heating and an open door error. Confirmed the complaint and removed and replaced all switches and interlocks.Reassembled the unit and the unit tested as designed with the 2 minute water test.JOB COMPLETE.
Near Lacy Lakeview, TX 76705
Job Details: 01/23/2019
RANGE KITCHENAID KSEG700ESS0 Arrived to install previously ordered part. Removed and replaced the control panel. Reassembled and tested the unit and unit tested as designed. JOB COMPLETE
Near Lacy Lakeview, TX 76705
Steve C.
Job Details: 01/10/2019
RANGE KITCHENAID KSEG700ESS0 Arrived on site for the units keep time is not working properly. Customer advised the unit intermittently will not work when pressing start and some of the numbers. Customer has a video of this happening. Found the new control panel is defective. Will need to re-order the control panel.; ordrng 1 W10915661 (panl-cntrl)
Amanda Hayes
Lacy Lakeview, Texas
Mike G has come out to the house a few times now and has been great everytime! Knows exactly what was wrong and was able to resolve the issue.
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