Appliance Repair Bluffton Texas

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Near Bluffton, TX 78607
Job Details: 12/16/2020
RANGE JENN-AIR n/a "Arrived onsite for inconsistent heat in range cook top. Upon arrival could not find any paper work for unit and unit , module number was scratched off. Tested all four burners. Found all four heating tested unit heat with multiple and all burners in combination. Found burners were good. Tested again and left burners on for extended period of time. Found burners heating as designed. Job Completed. Tested bake and broil as well both operating correctly."
Near Bluffton, TX 78607
Job Details: 01/22/2020
WASHER WHIRLPOOL WTW4855HW1 "Arrived on site for washer not draining. Customer stated that had to bucket water out and will not allow another cycle to start. Inspected unit and work area. Found drain line was for a dishwasher. Performed diagnostics mode and checked fault codes. Found F9-E1 long drain. Tested drain pump and found activating. Found retailer had replaced drain line, due to not long enough to reach drain. Will need to replace drain line and bring extension if need. ; ordrng 1 285863 (drain hose) and 1 W10919003 (DRAIN PUMP) and 1 W11244231 (DRAIN HOSE)"
Near Bluffton, TX 78607
Jerry C.
Job Details: 08/28/2018
WDT750SAHZ0 Arrived to inspect leaking and draining issues. I found the unit was recently installed and the customer has a water treatment system. I discussed their use and found they were filling the dispenser with detergent and they pre-rinse. I advised the customer to greatly reduce detergent, 1 teaspoon as a starting point, to match their use. I discussed and checked rinse agent use and amount dispensed. I advised them to purge cold water from the hot supply at the sink prior to use. Operational test good, no leaks observed during service.
Bluffton, Texas
I had a dishwasher that overflowed and I had hired three different plumbers to fix it. none could. Gerry knew the answer and fixed it right away.
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