Replace Your Whirlpool Washer’s Shift Actuator When It Won’t Spin WPW10006355

Appliance Express
April 23, 2018
Washer Repair
Washers have a lot of moving parts and deal with a lot of weight, which means that parts that handle the motion are particularly susceptible to malfunctions and cracks. If your washer won’t change from the agitating to the spin cycle, the shift actuator may be broken. Replace it by following these steps with replacement part #WPW10006355:
  1. Unplug the washer and turn off the water lines. Almost all appliance maintenance and repair tasks should start with you removing the power source both for your own safety and the machine’s. Because this repair also deals with the water lines, you should shut off both systems.
  2. Remove the water hoses from the rear of the machine. Mark the hot and cold lines so you don’t mix them up during reinstallation, loosen them with pliers, and then set them aside. Also, remove the drain line from the wall so it doesn’t pull tight.
  3. Set the machine on its front. In order to do this safely, tap the top lid shut so it doesn’t swing, and lay down a thick towel as a cushion. The part will be under the machine that you can now access.
  4. Remove the shield. Unscrew the top and bottom screw and set the shield aside. The shift actuator is to the left and slightly below the shield.
  5. Remove the old shift actuator. Unscrew the two screws holding the part in position, then pull the part away and rotate it to get the screws. Next, unclip the wire harness and set the old part aside.
  6. Install the new shift actuator. When you’re installing the new par, make sure the protruding sensor will sit in the hole behind the actuator’s position and that the actuator’s pin connections to the hole near the rotating belt. First, reconnect the wire harness, press the pin into position, and the place the actuator into position with the sensor in the hole. Then screw the new part in.
  7. Reinstall the shield.
  8. Set the washer back upright. Then reconnect the water hoses and put the drain line back in position. Once everything is back in position, plug the machine back in and turn on the water connections.
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