Replacing Your Microwave’s Diodes: How to Diagnose Microwave Not Cooking Issues

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Sometimes microwaves don’t break down completely as a result of a blown fuse or a busted transformer. Instead, sometimes your microwave can carry on the passive functions of lighting up, telling time, and even rotating the turntable inside without actually heating up your food. In these circumstances, something is interfering with your microwaves ability to fully utilize its power. If … Read More

Microwave repair – Turntable Not Rotating

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Do you have a Microwave where the turntable is not rotating? You have just located your help. Using the GE Spacemaker Model JVM1540DMWW as an example, we will guide you through its repair. Before you embark on the repair, unplug the microwave from the wall outlet. Using an outlet tester, confirm that the wall outlet is supplying the proper voltage. To do … Read More

How to Fix Broken Handles on Your Maytag Microwave

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Replacing a Maytag Microwave Door Handle Microwave door handles can be put under a lot of pressure, and sometimes they can start to work loose, develop cracks around the connection points, or break free altogether. If your door handle is beyond repair, you can easily replace it with a new one.  Be sure to order the right handle for the … Read More