Repair the Humidity Control Switch for Your Refrigerator’s Produce Drawer

Appliance Express
September 13, 2017
Refrigerator Repair

Your vegetable drawer is designed to keep your produce fresh. But if the vents won’t open and close, the refrigerator can’t create the microenvironment that keeps the produce from expiring. Usually, all you need to do is replace the humidity control switch that flips the vents, which can break or fall out of position through frequent use; if you have a GE refrigerator, the part you’re looking for is #WR02X10821. Here’s how to install it:

  1. Unplug the appliance. No matter how small of a repair you’re making, it’s always best practice to turn off the power to a major appliance while you’re working on it.
  2. Pull out the whole drawer apparatus. First, remove the sliding drawer by extending it as far as possible and then lifting it up. Remove the glass from the shelf above and carefully set it aside. Then take out the whole vegetable drawer shelf assembly by pulling it free of the pegs; then tilt it and remove it completely.
  3. Pry the plastic part loose with a flathead screwdriver. You will also need to push the release mechanism on the interior lid of the drawer’s plastic edge. Once it pops free, you can remove the old control.
  4. Snap the new humidity control into place. Make sure the arm goes into the mechanism that controls the vents, then push it in the rest of the way. Ensure that the assembly moves and lowers the vents.
  5. Reassemble the refrigerator by pushing the assembly’s back into position then lowering the front onto the pegs. Place the glass back into position and slide the drawer back in.

Replacing the humidity control switch for your refrigerator’s produce drawer should only take a few minutes, and once you’re all done your produce will last longer. If you want to fix up a few more loose or broken parts on any of your appliances, go to Appliance Express for more step-by-step guides.


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