How to Replace the Water Filter in an Electrolux Refrigerator

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April 9, 2020
Refrigerator Repair

Electrolux is a great brand of refrigerator, specializing in luxury appliances that fit well into your home routine. Whether you have recently bought a new Electrolux refrigerator or inherited one with the house, there are many benefits to the model designs. One of the standard luxuries with an Electrolux is an ice and cold water dispenser. In a 3-door refrigerator model with the freezer on bottom, the ice maker and water dispenser assembly can be found embedded in the left-hand door.

Access to clean, fresh ice and cold water on-demand is both helpful and enjoyable. It can even increase household health as everyone drinks a glass of water more eagerly when it’s chilled and tasty from the tap. But if you drink a lot of water from the fridge, you’ll also need to replace your refrigerator water filter. Pretty soon, your water filter light will come on. Every refrigerator model has a different place it stores the water filter, and your Electrolux three-door refrigerator is no different.

This article will help you replace your Electrolux refrigerator water filter from beginning to end.  

Buy the Right Filter

The first step in any replacement task is to get the right replacement part. Your fridge’s water filter has a certain size, shape, and valve designed for a specific model of water filter. Your owner’s manual likely lists a replacement part number that can be relied on to fit into your water filter slot. For an Electrolux refrigerator, you will most likely need a Pure Advantage brand water filter. The standard part number is #EWF01 which is a double-barreled water filter model that fits into a rectangular compartment. You may also have an air filter as well #EAFCBF.

You can likely find the correct replacement water filter online. Just be sure to check the part numbers and compatibility to be certain the water filter will fit when it arrives. 

Turn Off the Ice Maker

The next step is to disable your Electrolux refrigerator’s ice maker. This will cut off the flow of water and prevent water or ice cubes from being released while you are replacing the water filter.

If you have a touch-pad control panel, select the menu buttons that switch off the entire ice maker and water array. If you don’t have that option through the control panel, then open your ice maker compartment and lift the fill bar. This is a long horizontal metal bar that is designed to detect when the ice bucket is full of ice. By lifting it, you can manually switch off the ice maker.  

Locate the Water Filter Housing

The next step is to identify your water filter location. Even Electrolux refrigerators put this filter in different places from model to model. In a three-door Electrolux refrigerator, the water filter housing is in the lower left-hand corner of the fridge. It actually off-sets the lowest produce drawer that crosses both sides of the fridge. The water filter housing will look like a rectangular panel near your left hip.

If you have side-by-side or freezer-on-top Electrolux refrigerator, your water filter is more likely to be located in the upper-right corner of the fridge compartment, most likely attached to the ceiling. 

Remove the Old Water Filter

Once you’ve spotted the water filter housing, your next job is to remove the old water filter so that it can be replaced with a new one. With a three-door Electrolux fridge, the rectangular water filter compartment has a button directly above it, the same width as the compartment. Press the button firmly to eject the old water filter.If you have a top-right mounted water filter, start by pushing the water filter in, toward the back of the fridge. This releases a clamp and will allow you to remove the water filter. Then carefully pull the old filter back and out of the water filter housing. 

Install a New Water Filter

Grab your new water filter and get ready to install it. Unpack it from the box and carefully remove all the packaging, including any caps or ribbons that were keeping the filter sealed before use. Inspect the new water filter and then align it with the shape and grooves of the housing. With most water filters, aligning the grooves is an important part of fitting the filter into the housing correctly.

For an Electrolux three-door, be sure to line up your double-barreled water filter so that the label is upright and the caps fit into the valves inside the housing. For a top-right mounted water filter, simply line up the grooves with the housing.

Then push the water filter in firmly until you feel a resounding click. This is the water filter locking into place. 

Reset the Ice Maker and Change Filter Light

Now that your water filter is reinstalled, you can turn the ice maker back on. If you used the control panel, do so again to switch back on the ice and cold water functions. If you turned it off manually, flip the fill bar back down to allow the icemaker to resume its processes.

From there, you also want to reset the change filter light. Even in basic Electrolux refrigerators, this light comes on about every six months or a set number of gallons of filtered water to let you know when it’s time to change the filter. Reset the filter light when you change the filter to reset the timer. 

Clear the Water Filter

Lastly and importantly, run at least two gallons of water through your new water filter before drinking from your fridge again. A new water filter has dust and other small particles that need to be cleaned out with a water flush before the filter is working the way it’s supposed to. Simply fill a few pitchers with water from the fridge and pour them into the sink (or the garden).

Enjoy fresh, clean, chilled water for years through your Electrolux refrigerator by knowing how and when to change the water filter. For more helpful appliance tips and guides, contact us today!


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