How To Replace The Samsung Food Showcase Water Filter

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September 10, 2018
Refrigerator Repair
The Samsung Food Showcase refrigerator has a water and ice dispenser equipped with a remarkable filtration function. It enhances the taste, reduces odor, and removes particles. This ensures you enjoy clean and fresh tasting water with every pore. The filter indicator light on your refrigerator panel helps you monitor the usage of the filter. When the filter indicator is blue or green, your filter still has at least 90 percent of its usage left. The indicator light will turn orange when there’s less than 10% of usage left. This alert means you should purchase a replacement water filter before the indicator turns red. This means that the filter is over its maximum usage, and needs to be replaced immediately.
When it’s time to install a new water filter, it should be replaced with the HAF-CIN Refrigerator Water Filter (HAF-CIN/EXP). Samsung Food Showcase refrigerators filters are in the middle, located between the vegetable box. Before you remove the old water filter, be sure to turn off your refrigerator’s water supply.
Releasing some water to reduce the water pressure, will make it easier to remove and replace the filter. When you remove the filter, it’s a good idea to have a towel or bowl handy. Reason being, the water may spill while changing it. Slowly turn the old cartridge counter clockwise a quarter of the way and remove it. Open the new filter cartridge from its packaging and remove the blue protection cap. Insert the new filter cartridge with the lock symbol pointing to the left. Push and turn the filter clockwise or to the right a quarter of the way around. Once you fill the cartridge, stop and lock symbol. It should now be lined up with the indicator line. Turn the water supply back on and dispense the water for roughly 6 minutes, or around 3 gallons to purge the system. Make sure to reset the water filter indicator by pressing the ice-type button for 3 seconds. Lastly, open the refrigerator door, and make sure there aren’t any leaks around the filter area.
You’re now ready to enjoy clean and fresh tasting water. For the best quality, we recommend only using genuine Samsung replacement water filters which can be found at authorized Samsung service centers.

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