How to Replace the Spark Electrode for an LG Gas Range Burner

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Anything from starchy water to a misaligned electrode can stop a gas burner from heating up or receiving sufficient spark. If you’re called in to look at a malfunctioning burner, one of the first things to check is the electrode itself. Replace it on an LG gas range by ordering a replacement part #EAD60700502 and following these steps: Unplug the … Read More

SudS SudS SudS – Why Am I Getting This Message From My Whirlpool Front Load Washer?

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Your Whirlpool front load clothes washer is an impressive piece of technology. The processing power employed to give you the best wash and fabric care is unsurpassed. The only downfall is the consumer. A whole generation grew up seeing Bugs, Porky, and Donald using washing machines to varying degrees of failure. The most memorable was “I Love Lucy.” New York housewife, … Read More

BSH Home Appliances Manufactured Dishwasher Recall

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October 20th, BSH Home Appliances announced the recall of dishwashers that they manufactured. This includes Bosch, Thermador, Gaggenau, and Jenn-Air branded appliances. The models and serial numbers affected can be determined here or call the manufacturers listed in the links below. Stainless steel, black, white and custom panel models are in the list. To locate your model and serial numbers, a printed label … Read More

How to Replace an Orifice Holder on an LG Gas Range

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Gas ranges can more comparatively more dangerous than electrical ovens when in disrepair, so having a checklist of common parts to check for damage when you’re servicing an appliance is a great way to help your customers. Orifice holders can get damaged or are sometimes missing entirely, and it’s a part you can check over with just a quick glance. … Read More

How to Replace the Oven Sensor on Your LG Gas Range Oven

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Some common oven problems are hard to diagnose. Unless it’s a clearcut matter of something not powering on or operating properly, it can be difficult to troubleshoot precisely how an oven is malfunctioning. However, one of the most common underlying causes for a gas range oven that isn’t heating properly or evenly is a broken oven sensor. Order the part … Read More

Whirlpool Top Load HE Washer: Get a Better Clean with Less Detergent and Proper Loading

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A Top loading high-efficiency washing machine can use up to half as much water as their traditional counterparts. It may be difficult to find a regular machine that still uses a lot of water. Most washing machines on the sales floor today are high-efficiency. You may have chosen a Whirlpool laundry pair because of their reputation for quality, or because Whirlpool is … Read More

How to Replace Your Kitchenaid Dishwasher’s Detergent Dispenser W11032769

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If you come across a dishwasher that doesn’t release the detergent correctly according to its cycle, or it doesn’t release it at all, the detergent dispenser is probably broken. Replace it by following these steps and installing a new dispenser (part #W11032769): Power down the dishwasher by turning off the circuit breaker. This is both for your safety and the safety … Read More