How to Locate Your Whirlpool Appliance Model Number and What You Need It For

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December 13, 2019
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For the majority of the lifespan of any appliance, you won’t need to know the model number or even how to find it. It is not exactly something you need to write down on your hand so you remember it forever and can use it every day. However, there are times where you will at least need to know how to find your model number so you can get the correct service or even find out what the problem is with your appliance.

In most cases, you only need to know the model number of your Whirlpool brand appliance when something is wrong. So if you are having problem with any Whirlpool brand appliance, including their related brands of Maytag, Amana, JennAir, and KitchenAid that are in the Whirlpool family, here is how to find those model numbers on every appliance.

How to Find The Model Number On Your Whirlpool Appliance?

The location of the model number will always be on your appliance in an easily accessible area. Unless you have made the effort to remove the sticker, it will be there waiting for you. These stickers are typically made very difficult to remove just for the purpose of not being able to accidentally remove them during installation or cleaning. Unfortunately, the location of the sticker that displays your model number differs depending on the appliance. Here is how to find it.

  • Cooktop – Underneath the cooktop unit, accessed by lifting it up.
  • Dishwasher – On the inner rim of the dishwasher, accessed by opening the dishwasher door.
  • Garbage Disposal – On the exterior of the unit.
  • Dryer – On the dryer door alcove (not the actual dryer door), accessed by opening the dryer door.
  • Microwave – On the rim of the microwave door, accessed by opening the microwave door.
  • Range – On the rim of the oven, accessed by opening the oven door.
  • Refrigerator – On the inside wall of the refrigerator, accessed by opening the refrigerator door. Some models may have it on to top rim of the door.
  • Washer – On the back rim of the washer, accessed by opening the door.

Often the model number will start with the first letter of the brand that made it. For example, Whirlpool model numbers may start with “W” while its sibling brand KitchenAid may have model numbers that start with “K” instead. This can help you quickly identify what you are looking at on the sticker as the model number.

What Do You Need Your Whirlpool Appliance Model Number For?

Not sure if you need to go through the trouble of looking up your model number? There are only a handful of events that will require you to have your model number on hand. These events include:

Purchasing Replacement Parts

Not all appliances are created equal, especially these days. You may think an igniter from one gas oven will work in every gas oven, but that isn’t true. If you are an intrepid do-it-yourselfer and believe an appliance repair is within your realm of knowledge (many of which will be), then you will need the model number in order to purchase the correct replacement part.

Whirlpool also makes things extra easy for you. If you have a model number, you can even put it in to look up specific replacement parts on their website without having to sort through hundreds of parts for hundreds of different models.

Setting Up Your Appliance

With any luck, your new appliance will come with an owner’s manual that will instruct you on how to not only set up your appliance but how to care for it as well. If you are unlucky, you can locate your model number and use it to look up your owner’s manual online. This is particularly handy for those times when you toss out the box and forget to take out the manual first.

Filing For a Warranty Claim on the Appliance

If your Whirlpool appliance was purchased under a warranty, as many are, you will need your model number in order to actually use it. If you have a model number, you can file for a repair or replacement under that warranty. While navigating the warranty often has some serious frustrations, your model number can also be used to look up the terms of the warranty. You may be surprised that sometimes, while not the full repair is covered for free, the warranty may net you some handy discounts too.

Engaging in a Recall

If you read a scary news article about some Whirlpool appliance being recalled, the first thing you should definitely do is find your model number. Recall announcements will have all affected models numbers listed. If yours is among them, you will want to follow the recall directions listed on the website. In many cases, this means that an authorized repair technician will be sent out to make a replacement in the faulty parts for free. Unfortunately, if you don’t have your model number on handy, there is no way to be sure that your appliance is not part of the recall. This can be dangerous for your home.

Having an Appliance Repaired

If you aren’t comfortable repairing a particular appliance or a particular appliance problem yourself, then you will need to call a repair service out unless you want to replace the entire thing. The more you can tell the service about the appliance over the phone, the better idea they will have about what is wrong with it and they may require a model number to purchase the replacement parts for when they do come out.

If you are having appliance problems, you now know why you need to have your model number ready and how to find it on your Whirlpool brand of appliances. Now all that is left is to fix it. We can help with that. If you are having any sort of appliance problem that you want fixed up fast, contact us today to see what Appliance Express can do to get your appliances fixed up fast.


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