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Near Wells Branch, TX 78728
Job Details: 12/31/2018
DISHWASHER WHIRLPOOL WDF520PADM7 "arrived on site to inspect dishwasher door gasket. Upon further inspection, the customer advised that I when he used it last, he found water leaking from under the unit. I placed the unit in diagnostics and tested with no error codes showing. During testing, I opened the door and found a large amount of suds in the bottom of the tub. I questioned the customer as to what type/brand of dishwasher detergent they used and he advised that he used dishwashing soap (soap used at the sink). I advised the customer that this type of soap can not be used in a dishwasher due to it causing too much sudding and can damage a dishwasher. The unit operated as designed. I recommended some types of detergent and rinse aid to use in the unit and tips for use and care. I also advised the customer to run the unit without dishes in it to get rid of the suds inside. I explained wha the suds will do the unit which is the cause of his dishwasher leaking water. No water leaks o